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T98e Entertainment Commercial Treadmill

T98e Entertainment Commercial Treadmill

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Introducing the Gym Gear T98e Entertainment Series Treadmill – a game-changer in the fitness world. This treadmill boasts an expansive 18.5” touch screen, turning your workout into an immersive experience with virtual programs that transport you to new fitness heights.

Introducing the Gym Gear T98e Commercial Treadmill – a pinnacle of innovation in the fitness industry. Unleash the power of your workout with the robust 6HP AC motor, ensuring a dynamic and efficient exercise experience for users at all levels.

Experience the thrill of a 25km/h top speed, coupled with a 16-level incline, providing versatility for your cardio sessions. What sets the T98e apart is its 18.5” touch screen, creating an immersive fitness environment. Dive into virtual programs that transport you to exciting terrains, enhancing your workout with engaging visual experiences.

Beyond the exceptional workout features, the T98e redefines gym management with asset management capabilities. Gyms can optimize their equipment usage, ensuring a seamless and organized fitness facility. The integrated digital TV and internet connectivity open doors to entertainment and connectivity options, including Spotify and web browsing, making every workout a multimedia experience.

Stay informed and in sync with the gym class timetable feature, facilitating a well-organized fitness schedule. Elevate your fitness facility with the Gym Gear T98e – where cutting-edge technology meets performance, providing a holistic and immersive fitness experience for both users and gym operators.

This stylish, heavy duty and reliable machine will completely transform the look and utility of your gym, and the full multimedia capabilities and entertainment functionality is sure to motivate and engage users.

Featuring quick shift paddles the user can effortlessly adjust the speed and incline whilst exercising.

effortlessly adjust the speed and incline whilst exercising.

Product Features

Clear Touch Console

The high-definition 18.5” touch screen engages users with access to TV, internet, popular fitness apps and Virtual Go interactive workouts, as well as a variety of connectivity options.

Fitness Profile
Choose your favourite workout profile with selection from Sport, Lap or Simple mode.

Fitness Programs
Includes Goal Training, Heart Rate Control, Physical Test and various workout modes.

Virtual Go
Interactive workouts featuring 10 beautiful sceneries.

Social Network
Stay connected with friends and family on social media and share your workout experience.

Calendar/ Bulletin Board

See an overview of weekly class schedules (including detailed descriptions of the class offering) and upcoming events. Promote special offers or club news via the bulletin board.

Enjoy digital TV, watch movies or listen to music from your phone with our iOS and Android compatible system.

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