As a company, we pride ourselves on offering the right product & advice for the right setting.


We are simply amazed at the number of businesses (through no fault of their own) who order the incorrect products for the environment the products are being installed into.


The most common subject is CRIB5 (also known as Source5) products.


You (the customer) order from us what you have been asked to order. You may not be aware of the regulations regarding Fire Safety when it comes to mattresses and any bed frames made with fabric, so we hope the following guide is useful.


Do you need Crib 5?


If you’re involved in purchasing for the following sectors, the simple answer is YES – your furniture MUST meet Crib 5 (BS7177) standards for commercial use:


  • Offices & Commercial Settings
  • Retailers
  • Hotels
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Hostels & Guest Houses
  • Holiday Parks
  • Rental and Property Management (HMO’s)
  • Student Accommodation


What makes a product legally compliant?

If you are looking to order a mattress or fabric bed for commercial use, the product must comply to the specific UK Fire Regulations comprising of the following tests:

  • BS EN597-1 (Cigarette)
  • BS EN597-2 (Match)
  • BS7177 – CRIB5


Please note that it is YOUR responsibility to determine if your products need to be CRIB5 compliant. As we do not know where your products are being installed, we cannot be responsible for determining if the products need to be CRIB5 compliant. We can only offer you advice & guidance.

If you’re unsure whether CRIB5 is needed in addition to Cigarette & Match test for your project, contact the insurance company linked to your project, or the local Fire Officer, who can advise.

Please note that failure to use a product does not meet the minimum requirements could lead to prosecution in the event of a fire and invalidate your insurance.

The products we supply with CRIB5 materials are:

  • CRIB5 Contract Mattresses
  • CRIB5 Divan Bases
  • CRIB5 faux leather tubs chairs & sofas

Our advice would be if you are unsure, always go for CRIB5!


For further information, please click this link – – for a guide to Furniture & Furnishings Fire & Safety Regulations